Climbing Rodellar

The climbing area of Rodellar offers more than 800 routes in 35 sectors of all orientations. All the sectors are accessible on foot, the closest being only three minutes from Kalandraka. The sectors are spread through out the canyon of the river Mascun and two of its side valleys. The river also shaped beautiful plunge pools, where you can bath and swim, often right beneath the sector your climbing.


The Limestone of Rodellar is known for its huge overhangs and caves with lots of big tufas. Most of the routes are long, athletic and spectacular. There are also several small caves and roofs with short, explosive climbing; as well as, vertical crags with technical climbs up to 40 meters or more. There are a few great bouldering spots, mostly in small caves; but if you are not interested in sport climbing, there are better places to be than in Rodellar.


The bulk the routes in Rodellar are in the french 7th and 8th grades (5.11D-5.14C), but there are also some nice french 5th and 6th grade pitches (5.9-5.11C) spread through out the canyon. Below that, there is not much to choose from.

Best Season

The best seasons to climb in Rodellar are spring and fall, but one can still find great climbing in summer and in winter. Summer temperatures are quite warm, but with so many sectors in the shade, beautiful days of alternating climbing and swimming keeps one cool. Plus, summer season means parties in the village. Some winters the tufas are too wet, but most of the time they are dry; and if not, there are still enough wonderfull routes that stay dry, to climb for a long time.